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The Yahoo Winner’s League Fantasy Entry

So, last year I won a few of my Yahoo leagues.  I noticed that Yahoo has a fantasy football season league where you can play as long as you are a past winner.  With that in mind, I sent in an entry and went on to draft.  Well, that went so so ok.  This is what I ended with as my starters (I normally don’t go so RB heavy but had to take what the others were willing to give):

The RB trio of Leveon Bell, Leonard Fournette, and Freeman is very solid.  Juju and Woods at receiver is missing some star stud quality but I think these two will surprise.  Where I worry is at QB with Russell Wilson.  This dude is normally solid as a QB but his supporting cast this year is doo doo.  Hopefully he can work his magic and not take too many hits due to the awful OL.  Here are some of Russell Wilson’s video highlights in the Seattle Seahawks video page.  Maybe he can do some of those this year again!

Anyway, here is my bench, at least my defenses should be nasty this year!

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