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Top 10 Fantasy Football Players To Use This Season

Fantasy football is a great way to enjoy the game of football, but also keep track of your favorite players. However, each season you will find several sleeper players that are going to break out and have an amazing year. With that being the case, here is our top 10 sleeper player for fantasy football.

1. Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati Bengals is going to have a revamped line protecting him and he should have a decent set of receivers as well. This is going to make it easier for Dalton to actually do well in the quarterback position this season compared to years past.

2. Marcus Mariota is another player that could easily have a great season. He has a decent offensive group surrounding him, but he has battled injuries. If he is healthy all season, the chances of him easily being a steal in any round is huge and would definitely help out any fantasy team.

3. Devonta Freeman is a running back that is well known for the Falcons. However, outside of Atlanta he is still relatively unknown. He is a player that could easily be a thousand yard rusher if he is able to carry the ball on a consistent basis.

4. Jammaal Williams of the Packers could easily see a lot more carries this year and with that repetition comes starting to become a better player. Look for him to start to carry the load as Rodgers still looks unsteady with his arm.

5. Mack Hollins is an Eagles receiver who could easily have a breakout season. While he was not a main target of Wentz last season that could easily change. The Eagles will bounce back and rely more on Hollins this season.

6. Jordy Nelson could be a wild card this year with the Raiders. He has the toughness of the Raiders players, but he will have to prove that he still has the great receivers touch that he was known for before.

7. Tyler Eiffert is a player that has had to battle quite a few injuries in the past couple of seasons. However, he is also a player that has managed to really pick up some consistent play and with Dalton getting the proper protection look for Eiffert to become a favored target as Green gets double teamed.

8. O.J. Howard is a player that has been able to really hide his talent so far. However, scouts and coaches alike agree that if Tampa is able to improve on offense it could revolve around Howard, who could be compared to Ozzie Newsome in some cases.

9. LeSean McCoy is a player that carried the Bills last season. However, this time he will be asked to do it again and he will be a sleeper because of how poor the Bills have been playing.

10. Aaron Rodgers is the great Green Bay quarterback, but he is coming back from injury and that can cause some players to shy away from him. Look for him to come back from injury to be a great quarterback again.

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