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Top 10 Kickers For Fantasy Football In 2018

Choosing the right kicker each week is typically the equivalent to throwing a dart in the dark. While it can be extremely difficult to pick the right kicker to stream, if you equip your team with a startable kicker each and every week, you should be able to avoid the dreaded problem of having to stream kickers. Below, we will be going over the top 10 kickers for fantasy football in 2018.

Top 10 Kickers In Fantasy Football For 2018:

1. Greg Zuerlein. – Check Out Greg The Leg Highlights

Not only was Greg Zuerlein the highest scoring fantasy kicker in 2017, he connected on 95% of his kicks. The Rams offense and defense only got better. This means that you can expect the scoring opportunities to be there this year and it’s almost a guarantee that he’ll convert on them. “Greg the Leg” is the clear top fantasy kicker for 2018 due to the opportunities he is going to get each week.

2. Stephen Gostkowski.

Gostkowski continues to be one of the most reliable kickers in the entire league. He has ranked within the top 5 in both attempts and conversions for the past few years. He converts his kicks at an extremely high rate with a 91.4% conversion rate the past five years which is #1 in the NFL during that timespan. It is almost a guarantee that the Patriots are going to score in droves. Therefore, the opportunities are going to be there to rack up points and he is easily the safest kicker pick that you can make.

3. Justin Tucker.

Justin Tucker is perhaps the best kicker in the NFL. He finished 4th in total fantasy points among kickers in 2017 and he has been in the top 11 for six consecutive seasons. Tucker might have had a down year last year for his standards, but he is perhaps the NFL’s best kicker and has been for quite a while. He is the only kicker that has converted 100% of his extra point attempts in every season since the new rules were put in place in 2015. The biggest thing holding Tucker’s ranking down is the offense that he is in. Baltimore has been one of the weaker offenses in the league for a couple years now and things aren’t expected to the uptick in that department anytime soon. However, Tucker has an elite leg and he is worth drafting as an every week kicker.

4. Wil Lutz.

Lutz is someone that is primarily a product of circumstance. Given he’s on one of the leagues most potent offenses, he is an absolute stud when it comes to fantasy kickers.

5. Matt Bryant.

Bryant is another kicker that you can expect to put up points primarily because of the offense that he is in. He is an every week kicker especially at home in the dome.

6. Chris Boswell.

Boswell is a highly accurate kicker on a great offense. What is there not to like?

7. Jake Elliot.

Here is another kicker that has a huge leg and plays on an elite offense. Draft him and start him weekly.

8. Robbie Gould.

Robbie is going to continue getting a lot of attempts and having Jimmy Garappolo running the offense is only going to increase his value.

9. Matt Prater.

The Lions offense puts up a lot of points. He’s a safe bet.

10. Adam Vinatieri.

Vinatieri is a wildcard in terms of his offense because his QB has been injured a lot throughout recent years. But the fact remains, he’s a future hall of famer and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him finish top 5.

Drafting the right kicker can really ease the stress week in and week out. Having to stream kickers weekly can cost you bigtime. Draft these kickers and never have to worry about streaming a kicker again.

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