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Yahoo Has College Fantasy Football

Today, I drafted my first Yahoo college football fantasy team.  It is great to see that college football is back… daily fantasy from DraftKings next?  Maybe?  In any event, picked a team.  Did not keep up with the player count so forgot to draft a kicker.  No problem, there are plenty available.

College fantasy is probably going to be more difficult than NFL fantasy because there are so many players.  It is really a matter of luck with so many teams and choices.  So, what did I do?  Well, it was easy to go ahead and add last year’s college football championship hero, Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama and also added that Alabama defense for good measure.  No idea how this is going to go but this is a free league, so it’s only for bragging rights and blog posts.  Here are my picks.

The Starters:

The Bench:

Finally and for good measure, just added some of Tua Tagovailoa video headlines.  Enjoy!

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